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A bit more about this demo

This demo shows what our Qmaze configurator can do for you. It helps you explain and sell your product, and have customers play around with all possible configurations of your yachts. It has been made with a relative small effort and budget by our team, based on a 3D drawing of our sample boat. This simple demo only focuses on the outside of the ship. Of course we can do the same for the interior.

How its made?

This demo is made with Qmaze, our webconfigurator. We can create a configurator like this for you, but also can train your employees to develop and maintain a configurator like this, reducing the investment and increasing the flexibility.


Qmaze is completely multilingual. This means that all screens, texts, comments can be set up in as many languages as you want. In the configurator, press on the globe in the right bottom to select your preferred language.

Configurator Logic

In Qmaze we can define logic making options depending on other options. For example the yellow accent color is only allowed when the hull color is red.

Quote document

Based on the selections made a quotation can be made automatically in PDF or Word, which can be downloaded or sent to a customer.

Multi currency price calculation

During configuration the total sales price is calculated realtime, based on the currency and selected options. Of course its your choice to show this on the screen, or only put them in the quotation.

History of old configurations

Every individual configuration is saved in the backoffice of Qmaze with a unique id and can be reopened. This gives you insight in the preferences of customers, but also show the status of a quote or the customer, dealer or agent name.

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